Extracting full phone numbers from the leaked Snapchat database

The 2014 Snapchat leak was a huge blow to the privacy of the app’s users. The leaked data contains over 4 million usernames along with their partially censored phone numbers.

The leak was first available on SnapchatDB.info, but the download was taken offline shortly after.


Retrieving the last two digits

Head over to the forgot password page on Facebook (or Twitter) and enter the username or email address of the person who’s number you’re trying to retrieve.


Click ‘Search’. You’ll be greeted with something like this:


Note down the last two digits of the user’s phone number. In this case, the last two digits appear to be 24.


Replace the XX with the last two digits retrieved from Facebook. You now have the full phone number which is linked to the account.


It is also possible to confirm if the retrieved phone number matches the one attached to the user’s Facebook account. Simply, go back to the forgot password page and enter the full number (including the country code, +1).


Click ‘Search’. If the email address matches the one you were previously shown, it means that the number is connected to the same Facebook account.